Innoveam – Customer Reference 

By implementing Cloudify.Asia’s solution to host Innoveam’s brand-new cloud portal and marketplace platform, Innoveam has successfully expanded their services with sufficient power for rendering without the inflexibility of traditional equipment. Cloudify.Asia provides Innoveam cloud platform and solution to reach the company’s service expansion goals. 

About Innoveam 


Innoveam is a regional technology solutions provider, using the latest ICT technologies to process, analyze, simulate and visualize 3D datasets to provide business & operations improvements solutions for various industries. Focusing on Enterprise, Innoveam’s experience in providing 3D data solutions within the region firmly places the company as a major player in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, specializing in Engineering Design, and VR/AR content development. 

The Pain Point 

The hardware requirements to handle large datasets proved to be a major blockade for many companies’ services expansion plan. Innoveam wanted to expand their services to the clients by providing cloud powered VR streaming content. 

The Course of Action 

Cloudify.Asia offered advisory on the cloud solutions and provides cloud platform for Innoveam to host the company’s brand-new cloud portal and marketplace platform. Cloudify.Asia also provides Azure Remote Rendering (ARR) solution to trial on streaming VR content to ultraportable computers. 

Why Cloudify.Asia 

Combining the knowledge and experience of Innoveam’s 3D Data Specialists, Cloudify.Asia’s Cloud Professionals and its services, it is a perfect answer to the market’s evolution and expansion via the modern foundation of cloud. 

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