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Facing unpredictable cloud cost?

No more unpredictable and shocking cloud billing for you. Our solution gives you a fixed pay-per-use monthly cost.

Expensive hybrid cloud investment?

Why pay more? Our solution gives you the flexibility with your finance so that you can manage your cashflow better.

Limited control and expertise?

Other than the control on your cloud infrastructure, we have a consortium of partners with the right expertise to journey with you.

let us finance your CLOUD experience


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Azure Stack

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Amazon Web Services AWS


Alibaba Inspired

Amazon Web Services AWS


OpenStack Platform



VMWare Platform

VMWare Platform

Cloud Foundation

Akamai Solution

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Akamai Cloud

actual usage FINANCING

Measured in virtual machine, memory, storage

Measured in physical units per month

Measured in standalone licence per month

deploy & manage ANYWHERE

Hybr Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Cloud Assert – Hybr

Hybr Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Azure Arc

Protected & Secure


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