Enfrasys Solutions

Cloudify.Asia helps Enfrasys Solutions in hybrid cloud through minimizing financial and technology risk factors. With that, Enfrasys can enhance customers’ business operations through the right cloud solutions. 

About Enfrasys Solutions Sdn. Bhd. 

Enfrasys Solutions
Enfrasys is a solution and services company that offers Cloud Solutions, by considering the needs of businesses, people, and technologies. Enfrasys leverage their skills in Information Technology to help streamline processes to deliver greater efficiency. They provide solutions that include licensing, consulting, migration services, managed services and support. 

The Goals / Mission of Enfrasys Solutions 

Enfrasys Solutions strives to establish a “People Centric” and “Technology Driven” corporation, designed to provide world-class, technology-based solutions to support corporate clients. Enfrasys supports and empowers businesses by adopting and leveraging key International Standard technologies, as well as providing quality technical and management level consulting and professional services. 

How does the partnership with Cloudify.Asia helps with achieving the goals 

Cloudify.Asia helps Enfrasys Solutions in the hybrid cloud space by reducing technological risk factors and empowering end-to-end solutions. This way, daily business operations are improved and enhanced through the right solutions for the customers. Enfrasys Solutions and Cloudify.Asia strongly believe in helping businesses by identifying the related cloud business’s requirements and tailoring our solutions to fit them. 

We have worked together to help multiple government agencies on several Hybrid Cloud projects, to achieve successful business outcomes for these organizations. 

How can Enfrasys Solutions & Cloudify.Asia help you to achieve your business needs? 

Let us support you in empowering your employees, enhancing your business efficiency and productivity to improve your delivery capability. Together, we enable your business growth through the right cloud foundation. Reach out to us now 

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