We seek for talented, diversified team members that aren’t afraid to try and or even make mistakes. These members also always think outside of the box while being inside the actual box. Someone that treat this as his/her own company and constantly shapes the box for the future. And someone who is courageous to change the world.

Every single success belongs to all the team members. The rewards come from customers’ satisfaction when we defy the odds and traditional landscapes to enable their’s digital transformation. We promise that we will constantly listen to you as to how we listen to our customers and partners. If you feel this is up to your challenges, join us.

We are now expanding our family!

Cloud Consumption Specialist

This is a hybrid role where both sales and technical skills will be constantly be shaped. The individual will be a customer-facing representative that assist their business units, and IT departments to better adapt their existing cloud technologies. He/she will be a trusted advisor to both the customers and partners to utilize and consume cloud resources wisely.

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Job Description
  • To understand customers’ existing cloud environments and consumption
  • To work alongside channel ecosystem and build virtual cloud team for customer
  • To articulate customers’ business impact from cloud adoption
  • To advise customers and partners on future potential cloud consumption
  • To gather details on cloud expansion and migration
  • To present the findings and recommendations to business units, IT and partners
  • To work as team members and leverage both internal and external resources

In-House Partner Advisor

As we are reaching out to our partners in SouthEast Asia region, we are looking for the multi-lingual individual that can advise our partners virtually. The individual will be promoting cloud solutions and assist them as they transform their business from resellers to cloud enablers.

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Job Description
  • To sell Bridging Cloud Tools to partners in several countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand
  • To achieve targets by selling, up-selling and cross-selling our solutions using outbound calling, consultative and influencing selling techniques to create positive results for the company and our partners
  • To maintain good business relationships with partners to conduct consultancy and sales advice
  • To work in collaboration with external account manager to ensure that proposed solutions and services match business and technology needs and exceed their expectations
  • To create a steady pipeline of qualified opportunities with a clear business plan to deliver growth objectives
  • To source new sales opportunities through lead follow-up and outbound calling and marketing activities to generate activity

Service Provider Hero / Heroin

Public cloud are disruptive by nature. The individual will need to engage owners of Cloud Service Providers and hosters to assist them to mitigate the impact from public cloud. He/she would always stay close to the C levels and understand the future directions that these executives are undertaking.

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Job Description
  • To assist the business owners to stay relevant in their key strength
  • To collaborate and enabling the business to flourish alongside public clouds
  • To introduce tools and technologies that help the operation team to stay focus on innovation
  • To gather financial impact of the transformation
  • To ‘sell to’ and ‘sell with’ with these providers

Disruptive Cloud Technologist

We welcome cloud enthusiast and technology geek to the family. The individual will constantly experiment and testing new technologies and tools to see how well these fit into SouthEast Asia market. The daredevil will not only learn the latest and greatest tech but will be able to productize these to the market.

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Job Description
  • To reach out to new technology vendors and understand the issues that they trying to solve
  • To choose relevant technology to be experimented and embraced into the company
  • To productize the solutions alongside with the sales team
  • To articulate total cloud synergy and solutions to customers and partners
  • To never stop trying new things / ideas

Cloud Jedi Master

Are you the Jedi Master in cloud technologies? Although we are not expecting Yoda alike, the Jedi will be part of Digitalization Enabler team that assist our partners in deployment, implementation and level 3 support. He/She should be also capable to train the trainers in specific cloud technologies while spending time on improving the skill set.

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Job Description
  • To demonstrate his/her technical capabilities inside out of cloud technologies such as Azure Stack, Pack, Alibaba Cloud and AWS
  • To train the partners on managing multi-cloud platform
  • To lead Level 3 inside technical support team
  • To manage Cloudify.Asia’s Connected Local Cloud
  • To constantly explore new pillars such as security, marketplace, platform, block chain for cloud

Executive Sherpa

As a key member of the family, the individual will be a key to gel all the team members together. He/she will assist in daily administrative work and reports compilation for various teams. Thus, we are seeking a positive and conscientious team member.

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Job Description
  • To assist team members with daily administrative tasks so they can be at top form
  • To care for each member and provide necessary support at work
  • To organize team building and activities to strengthen the relationship
  • To provide and compile reports to leaders and principals
  • To be key contact person for shared services team (HR, Finance, Legal)
  • To make the office fun and lively