Work Remotely & Securely

Enable Business Applications Access Remotely

Cloudify.Asia helps you to enable work remotely through technology, policy, best practices and security

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused more than 60,000 deaths and more than a million infected. Asia Pacific airlines alone record USD $278B revenue loss during this unprecedented time. Most countries which include Malaysia and Singapore have also announced lock-down which have caused negative business impacts.

Can your staff work remotely anywhere, anytime with any devices? How can you ensure security in place if using only SSL VPN or Mobile VPN? Are you worry about the increasing attacks of ransomware?

5 Easy Steps To Enable Work Remotely



We help to create roadmap to work remotely.




We help to establish policies and access controls.




We help to ensure smooth communication.




We help to secure and prevent any threat.




We help to adapt new work environment.


1. Roadmap for Effective Work Remotely


  • Evaluate the workflow for working remotely in your company
  • Find out what need to be done with full flexibility conditions
  • Ready infrastructure either on-premises or local cloud
  • Identify devices that can access the network remotely & securely
  • Check if the bandwidth or firewall capacity are sufficient


  • Identify users access control to right resources at the right times with the right requirements
  • Move the creative processes/workloads to the local cloud for faster and stable access to avoid frustrations
  • Recommend easy to use remote infra with virtual-app than full VDI
  • Balance the required compute resources by setting up daily check points
  • Create online learning for your team to increase productivity

2. Align Policies and Access Controls

3. Uninterrupted Team Communication


  • Hold virtual meetings regularly via Microsoft Team (Free or Paid version)
  • Manage your projects and resources daily via planner
  • Advise your team to allocate a dedicated work area
  • Re-evaluate the team working hours for Work & Life Balance
  • Actively care for each others from time to time through prayers and calls
  • Enable daily huddle or short meeting to spread and share positivity, idea & coaching


  • Secure proxy remote access in place
  • Have ATP protection against malware & ransomware attacks remotely
  • Monitor threats actively by using cloud monitor tools
  • Implement Security Assessment policy
  • Create fake phishing threats to identify risky users and provide online security awareness to them

4. Prevent Threat And Enforce Security

5. Adapt To New Environment Well


  • Ensure the vendors & IT team are able to adapt the entirely new working environment
  • Train IT personnel to be equipped to help and resolve issues remotely
  • Provide guidance and encourage remote users to take time off for families
  • Helping remote users to adjust new work conditions
  • Break work schedule into 30-min intense block(s) with 5-min breaks in between