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Get Cost Effective Data Availability

Cloudify.Asia enables cost-effective replication with near-continuous data Availability. This mean your business doesn’t need to stop even under locked-down, natural disaster or unexpected data centre failure.


Take advantage of host-to-host replication for DR, or create uncompressed ready-to-use replicas from backup files and avoid any impact on your production environment. Replicate as often as your SLAs require! We also supports 1-click failover orchestration and assisted failback, so you get a DR solution with little to no business interruption. If a primary VM goes down, you can immediately fail over to a standby replica and avoid downtime of your critical workloads.

What It Solves

Audit Compliance

Comply to the regulator’s compliances requirement with cost effective solution.

Use DR As Analytics Centre

Disaster recovery site can be used to do application testing, staging and even data analytics.

Secondary Active Site

Applications can hosted in secondary site to serve branches and remote offices.

Many of the world’s leading companies partner with Cloudify.Asia

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