Data is the new gold. Have you protected your gold mine?

Ensure Business Continuity

Get Cost Effective Data Availability

Cloudify.Asia enables cost-effective replication with near-continuous data Availability. This mean your business doesn’t need to stop even under locked-down, natural disaster or unexpected data centre failure.

The reason why you are here today could be because:

  1. You do not have a Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy
  2. You have lost important company data to disasters like
    • Fire, flood, or other natural disaster
    • Ransomware or other malware attacks
    • Corruption of data due to hard disk or hardware failure
    • Deletion of files accidentally or maliciously by personnel within the company
  3. Your Risk Management or Audit Team requires you to have DR and Backup as part of your company’s compliance process.

At Cloudify.Asia, we can solve the issues above for you.

Lightning strike; business recovery; disaster recovery

6 reasons why we can help you to protect your data:

Dangerous Business; No Disaster Recovery Plan for Business Continuity
  1. You can backup or replicate your data into our local cloud infrastructure which resides in Malaysia without having the fear that your data flows out of the country.
  2. We have a pool of expertise who has been trained and certified to handle your Business Continuity Strategy for you.
  3. Our pricing caters from a simple backup setup to complex Disaster Recovery Plans. Everyone should be able to protect data at an affordable cost.
  4. Our solution can help you restore data within your Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
  5. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery model is “as a service” model which means it is subscription based. There is no hardware purchase needed because we will provide the appliance(s) for you.
  6. Our solution has security features which includes encryption when replicating your data over to our 99.9% server infrastructure service-level agreement (SLA).

1. I have never loss data before, this will never happen to me.

Disaster and accidents can happen to anyone when we least expects it. Failure to plan for your backup/DR strategies means that you are planning to fail when disaster really strikes.

  • Data shows that many companies could not recover their critical business data from after a disaster strikes.
  • 82% data breaches involved human error
  • 33% folders are not protected in anyway
  • 2 of 3 midsize businesses suffered Ransomware attack in the past 18 months

2. My data is already on the cloud.

Data on the cloud does not mean it’s untouchable. Having data on the cloud like Exchange Online or OneDrive still needs to be backup to a different location as they are also exposed to ransomware attacks.

3. My company does not have the budget.

Unlike before, backup and DR solutions currently can be affordable yet effective. What is your cost when losing critical business data in terms of productivity and business reputation? If implementing a backup or DR plan reduces these risks it should be less costly than losing all your years of data which you have built. You can always start with a simple backup as a service plan first.

4. I backup my data daily manually.

We commend you that you have at least something to protect your data. We can automate your backup processes for you to save your time. After all, as it is manual backup it is tedious and cumbersome to test your backups. Our solution could test and verify your backup with just few clicks away.

5. I am not tech savvy, how about support?

Cloudify.Asia has a 24/7 call centre support to support you when you subscribed to our support and managed services. You focus on what you do best, we will cover you from the back-end.

As data is a company’s lifeline these day, it is time to give yourself the peace of mind for your business in protecting your data. The attacks and disasters over your data are real as we have seen many businesses coming to us for help. Don’t wait till it strike, PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS TODAY.

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    Take advantage of host-to-host replication for DR, or create uncompressed ready-to-use replicas from backup files and avoid any impact on your production environment. Replicate as often as your SLAs require! We also supports 1-click failover orchestration and assisted failback, so you get a DR solution with little to no business interruption. If a primary VM goes down, you can immediately fail over to a standby replica and avoid downtime of your critical workloads.

    What It Solves

    Audit Compliance

    Comply to the regulator’s compliances requirement with cost effective solution.

    Use DR As Analytics Centre

    Disaster recovery site can be used to do application testing, staging and even data analytics.

    Secondary Active Site

    Applications can hosted in secondary site to serve branches and remote offices.

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