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Ensure Business Continuity From The Unexpected

Cloudify.Asia enables you to protect your existing and new data as you grow. No more complexity of hardware, software and skillsets to manage backup for existing, cloud and new databases.

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Single Box Data Protection

Get converged, all-in-one data appliance that combines complete backup, replication, recovery, instant access and restore, search and analytics, and seamless VMware integration – plus, cloud readiness with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the local cloud and public cloud. Cloud backup is easier now without complex backup software licensing and backup hardware requirements.


Protect New Apps

Protect latest applications and databases from ransomware and unwanted losses.

Protect Productivity Files

Backup O365, file server, emails and your intellectual property with minimum storage required.

Disaster Recovery

Business up and running even in disaster by powering on your applications in cloud.

Pay Per Use Backup Appliance

No High Capex

Simple Low Charges

No Cost Of Interest Rate

no loan or leasing concerns

Pay For Storage Used

Many of the world’s leading companies partner with Cloudify.Asia

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