Now you don’t have to make the impossible choice between the pay-as-you-go scalability of the cloud and the reassurance of on-premise IT. Cloudify.Asia enables business to exactly align technology expenditure with business’s requirement and growth. We call this TechFINITY.


The Pain Points for Fixed-Capital Models

Fixed Capital Models Slow Provision Process

Slow Provision Process

Slow Fixed Capital Models Poor Agility

Poor Agility

Capacity Planning Is Agonizing

A traditional IT Investment:

Business incurs the full cost of the infrastructure up front, and the pay service fees each year to deliver up time on that infrastructure. While businesses can reduce cost and improve productivity with full use of their new infrastructure, such purchases are not often planned with full capacity use in mind. 

As you know, businesses overprovision to ensure they do not run out of capacity a year in the future. When overprovisioning, a sizable investment would not deliver value until well into the solution’s lifespan, when it is diminished in value. Precautions like overprovisioning are necessary to make traditional IT acquisitions effective. Unfortunately, they also limit how quickly a company achieves positive net income and decrease the value customers see from their investment early on. The extended time frame of traditional IT infrastructure purchasing does not evaluate well from a Net Present Value (NPV) perspective.

CAPEX Hidden Cost, Depreciation, Technology Lockdown

TechFINITY Solution Benefits

No Depreciation Concerns

No Downpayment Nor High Capex

No Regular Service or Hidden Cost

Tax Savings And No Foreign Currency

hybrid cloud flexibility

Flexibility To Switch Model

no loan or leasing concerns

No Loan Nor Leasing Concerns

no lockdown by technology

Not Locked Down By Technology

No Cost Of Interest Rate

Pay As You Use Consumption Based IT

With TechFINITY, the big upfront investment is eliminated in favour of monthly service payments. Overprovisioning is not a concern because TechFINITY allows business to grow based on the capacity they use. This model has the same business benefits, a faster payback on initial investment, and limited waste because of its consumption-based modelWe offer compelling Return on Investment (ROI) as measured by Net Present Value (NPV).

Step Up Your Business With:

Operational Efficiency
  • Technology Refresh 
  • Streamlined Contracts 
  • Enhanced Support
Business Agility
  • Ahead of Demand Capacity 
  • Time to Value (revenue) 
  • Abolish Long Procurement Circle
Financial Flexibility
  • Pay-Per-Use 
  • Optimized Cash Flow 
  • Predictable Pricing

TechFINITY | Pay For Actual Usable And Tested Solutions

Pay Per Use Cloud; Pay as you use model