What is Hybrid Cloud


Is Your Business Demands Overwhelming Your IT Team?

Slow Fixed Capital Models Poor Agility
Slow Procurement and Poor Agility
Capacity Planning Is Agonizing
Wasted Money for cloud
Wasted Expenses for Server Capacity

Why Hybrid Cloud

  • In these modern times, your business size or strength does not determine the survival of the fittest, but by the ability to change with the market shift.
  • Choose What You Need and Align Services with Business Needs: Meet your business goals by leveraging the needs of the workloads and expanding it to the public cloud if needed.
  • Flexibility in handling all the workloads from private to public and vice versa. Always have capacity ahead of demand.
  • Too many technologies are available, making it difficult to commit to a public cloud. Public cloud billing and utilization are complex for your customers.
  • Private cloud is not as simple as your customers thought it would be to deploy.

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Agile to Build and Scale new capabilities

Cloud Native Services

Multi Region Connectivity

More Control, Isolation and Total Security

Local Government Regulation

Low Latency Connectivity

↑ Hybrid Cloud ↑

Flexible and Elastic

Choice and Control

Maximum IT Agility and Efficiency

Also, watch our video explaning the benefits of Hybrid Cloud, and the limitations of Public Cloud vs Private Cloud (bonus magic included):

Benefits of Our Hybrid Cloud

  • Improved scalability and control 
    • Deploy, scale up and down as much as you need, anytime. Have better usage control of the resources as your business grows. 


  • Increased Agility, Innovation and Operational Efficiency 
    • Find the right mix of Hybrid Cloud Management Strategies. Move your resources between public or private cloud whenever you need! It is much easier, why not? 😎🤔
    • Simplify operations and focus your IT team on innovations and shorten the time to deploy digital projects. Your IT teams are not just a tech support unit, they are your business center. Cultivate change, innovation, and growth in your business. 


  • Financial Flexibility
    • Transform to an optimized economics of hybrid cloud. Utilizing as-a-service deliveries with Flexible Pay Per Use Model. Reduce costs from Capital Expenditure by eliminating the need for overprovisioning. 


  • Greater control for sensitive and less sensitive data
    • Keep the happiness outside of your pocket! You may use the public cloud to run your applications that contain less sensitive data, but hey! You might have secrets to keep, so place them in your private cloud. 


  • The flavors from both public cloud and private cloud solutions
    • Design your hybrid cloud to have the best of both worlds. Just like picking your favorite kebab with both chicken and beef in one. 😋🍢  
Hybrid Cloud vs Public Cloud vs On-Premise, Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Scenarios (Do you need Hybrid Cloud for your business?)

  • High Availability (Continuous services) and Disaster Recovery
    • Your business services would not get affected or interrupted by implementing the hybrid cloud’s high availability services. Plus, on unlucky days for your business, disaster recovery will come in handy to back you up! 


  • Business Growth and Continuity
    • Imagine, as your business grows, you will need more resources in your on-premises data center and in the public cloud. The hybrid cloud solution may be your finest solution to unsure your growth is not locked down by technology. 


  • Optimized Business Cost
    • The hardware used to run your services might be “cloud bursting “. Sometimes, the computational resources get overused in the on-premises data center and need to go to the public cloud. The pay-per-use resources in the public cloud will ensure that you only pay for what you use. 


  • Data Privacy and Compliancy
    • Understandably, some of the data cannot be stored to the public. In this case, public cloud is out of the question. With hybrid cloud, your business can keep the data on-premise and fully leverage the benefits of public cloud. 

Why go Hybrid with Cloudify.Asia?

Cloudify.Asia enables business and IT Transformation through Hybrid Cloud Solutions built upon Modern Data Center Infrastructure, incorporating Industry Leading Converged Infrastructure, enabling your Workforce to thrive Securely. 

We empower you to transform your business through simplified adoption of cloud. We combine our technology and financial experience to create a true cloud OPEX model for you. Our core value is to understand the customers before tailoring the recommendation of the best cloud foundation and services for you. 

Cloudify.Asia have been appointed by principles such as Microsoft, Dell Technologies, Alibaba Cloud and HPE to provide cloud services and consultancy to their customers as their preferred cloud service vendor/consultant.