Wasted Money for cloud

Your Challenges

You are losing revenue and existing customer base. Worst still, new projects has slim profitability due to the challenging economy and heightened competition. Skill sets to deploy latest hyperconverged infrastructure, cloud platform and software development are scarce as well.

Then, you start to resell public cloud services and cloud productivity. It works for now but you realize this is not enough to retain the customers as it is not your company’s solution nor brand. Customers can even do self services and by pass your company in near future. Furthermore, the principals are encouraging customers to buy direct.

Partnering with Cloudify.Asia

We partner with many system integrators (SI) and independent software vendors (ISV) to walk the journey towards sustainable profitability in a long run.

Firstly, we ensure your brand is maintained through productization. This way, your customers focus on the use cases and not the tools provided by you. Secondly, we invest the platform and skillset for you. Instead of huge capex cost, you now have a predictable, attractive cost which you can market. Our team assists your people to skill up as well, so you can benefit from higher services margin.

Many of the world leading system integrators partner with Cloudify.Asia

Enable Real Digital Transformation

Customers are looking for total solution and as a System Integrators, you are responsible to put the pieces together. For example, in a retail industry, a customer may need to adopt experiential shopping through face recognition. Thus, you need to be able to link existing CCTV to the software and the data to be analyzed in the cloud.

If customers need to access data in multiple countries such as China, you then need to ensure the connectivity and the security are in place between multi-cloud. Start today by contacting us.

With Cloudify.Asia, you can:
  • Build your own cloud brand without high capex and complex operation
  • Assist customers to manage multi-cloud without getting various skillsets
  • Increase your profitability easily through increased managed services and stickiness

Applications for System Integrators

Internet of Things (IoT)

Quickly build and deploy secure, scalable IoT applications.

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Cloud Platform as a Service

Adopt right cloud technologies easier.

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Disaster Recovery

Ensure operations and services running.

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