Your Challenges

You have great software that is currently in public cloud such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. However, your customers require data locality and request your solution to be in their data centre or in local country.

Some are developing the software in containers and would like to use cloud native services as well but with limited expertise in cloud platform. How can I ensure my code is safe while leveraging marketplace and new cloud services? This is an often asked question.

Partnering with Cloudify.Asia

We partner with you to adopt cloud native platform locally and hybridly without compromise to the speed of your development.

As an expert in cloud platform, we assist your team to have secured and connected cloud environment for the fast development. Now your team can focus on what do you do best; coding.

Many of the leading software developers partner with Cloudify.Asia

Enable AGILE and Adopt Cloud Native

Customers are demanding faster development and a solution that scales based on the business demand. Using auto scale in cloud, website can cater for a sudden high demand. On top of it, containers enable micro-services to be developed, patched and improved at much faster speed.

For a larger development team, automation and security for container (such as Kubernetes) would be important. Get your ideas in the hands of users right away. We offers the tools and products you need to become a high-velocity engineering team and push your code to production faster.

With Cloudify.Asia, you can:
  • Eliminate manual steps and toil
  • Automate your IT workflows
  • Inherit powerful security controls from the platform and focus on your code
  • Get instant access to development environments via self-service

Applications for Software Developers

Internet of Things (IoT)

Quickly build and deploy secure, scalable IoT applications.

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Cloud Platform as a Service

Adopt right cloud technologies easier.

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Container as a Service

Enable agile software development.

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