Your Challenges

The changing expectations of consumers impact the entire supply chain as various manufacturers depend on each other. Even manufacturers which don’t produce consumer goods are impacted by these consumer changes. Moreover, manufacturing decision makers also have different expectations as, in the end, we are all consumers.

It leads us to the data-intensive and (semi-)autonomous evolutions in Logistics 4.0 where speed and connectivity, with again IoT and analytic systems being key.

Partnering with Cloudify.Asia

We partner with you to allow digital adoption at your pace. Whether it is to enable consolidation of data from IoT sensors or to business analysis for a trend, we will walk the journey with you.

We understand that legacy applications and machines would need to co-exist while new initiatives are being trialed out. Partnering with us, we ensure the investment needed is according to your pace of transformation.

Many of the leading manufacturing partner with Cloudify.Asia.

Enable Greater Efficiencies and Automation

Industrial Revolution 4.0’s goal is to enable autonomous decision-making processes, monitor assets and processes in real-time, and enable equally real-time connected value creation networks through early involvement of stakeholders, and vertical and horizontal integration.

Imagine this; you can now assist the business to better understand their cost, enable predictive analysis, prevent machine’s breakdown and more through pay per use model.

With Cloudify.Asia, you can:
  • Adopt IoT faster and easier
  • Reduce cost through pay-per-use model
  • Have low latency and highly available IT platform

Applications for Manufacturing Industry

Internet of Things (IoT)

Quickly build and deploy secure, scalable IoT applications.

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Cloud Platform as a Service

Adopt right cloud technologies easier.

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Container as a Service

Enable agile software development.

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