Your Challenges

Economy is challenging and the citizens requirement are evolving. The speed to serve the citizens is paramount to measure the success of a government entity. Thus, adopting technologies for smart cities, web applications, easier tax payment and healthcare are key.

Younger generation will become the major user pf public services soon. Thus, integration, standardization,and simplification of the services are needed. However, many government bodies are unsure where to start and the budget approval cycle is too long for each project.

Partnering with Cloudify.Asia

We partner with your organization to ensure commercial flexibility of IT resources upon awarded. This mean when you need extra resources from the private cloud, it will always be ready.

Our solutions and offerings comply with strict government’s compliances while provide the privacy and security needed. With no baggage and lockdown to technology, you can now adopt latest suitable IT technologies easier and faster for your transformation.

Many of the leading government bodies partner with Cloudify.Asia

Gear Towards Real Digital Transformation

With latest private cloud technology in your data centre, you are able to ensure upmost security in managing new application development. IoT for smart cities, mobile applications and many more.

Digital transformation can also help facilitate collaboration between different government entities, improving programs and services to better the lives of citizens. Governments that are able to work together to quickly, effectively, and securely share the resources, budget, or information needed to solve big problems can better serve citizens and communities at many levels.

With Cloudify.Asia, you can:
  • Increase IT resources anytime
  • Re-platform application in containers or IoT Hub
  • Get full security and privacy needed for the compliance

Applications for Government Bodies

Internet of Things (IoT)

Quickly build and deploy secure, scalable IoT applications.

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Disaster Recovery

Ensure operations and services running.

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Cloud Platform as a Service

Adopt right cloud technologies easier.

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