Your Challenges

Education is facing tremendous data growth, coming from in-house research and development, as well as innovations and ideas from new generations of students and lecturers.

Furthermore, keeping the balance between data growth and CAPEX investment on infrastructure is getting harder, not to mention maintaining data security, especially with Bring-your-own-devices from students across the world. A minor mistake of virus from a student, could potentially cripple a team project files.

Finally, maintain the cost to ensure education institution continue to provide accessible education to all level of student, providing best available education and nurture talent. Focus on core business and not IT-related holdbacks.

Partnering with Cloudify.Asia

We partner with your institution to adopt the right cloud platform and its services. Cloud expenses may varies and high cost. Thus, at Cloudify.Asia, we work closely with you to ensure additional resources at deploy at critical time such as student registration while maintaining lower cost during normal days.

With access to various cloud locally and aboard, your institution can learn Industrial Revolution 4.0 easily. IOT classes can leverage on IOT Hub while business students can use analytics and machine learning platform.

“Having no depreciation on hardware was still a huge savings. Furthermore, in the cloud, you have the freedom to spin the servers down to avoid spending money in the off season.”
Mark KaplanMark Kaplan: Director of IT of BARBRI

Many of the world’s leading education institutions are adopting cloud

Provide Agile Learning & Research Platform

Many learning institution is teaching new programming languages, artificial intelligence and industry revolution 4.0 use cases. Thus, the right platform for these use cases are in cloud.

Provide the right cloud, reduce the complexity of management and able to map the cost the right faculty separate the leader in this space.

With Cloudify.Asia, you can:
  • Accelerate cloud migration to right platform
  • Maximise on premise and cloud licensing
  • Get right training from certified trainers for your lecturers

Applications for Education Industry

Internet of Things (IoT)

Quickly build and deploy secure, scalable IoT applications.

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Container as a Service

Enable agile software development.

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Data Protection as a Service

Protect data from ransomware.

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