Your Challenges

Telecommunication growth has been slow as majority of the consumers and businesses have adopted a form of connectivity. Profitability is dwindling down as well due to competition from new type of telcos alongside high investment needed for 5G.

Now, your team would like to provide end to end solutions from IT infrastructure to contents to increase the stickiness and consumption. Unknown ROI, limited skillset and integration to existing core products may be a huge challenge for fast productization.

Partnering with Cloudify.Asia

Partnering with world’s largest technology providers, we provide cloud native platform in your environment in productized format. This mean you will have immediate price go to market to be justified to your management. This also mean large upfront investment is not needed.

While your team is building the skillsets, Cloudify.Asia and its partners will be able to support the operation needed in term of sales, pre-sales and technical operations. We enable you to focus on the business and not the complex IT infrastructure.

Many of the world’s leading providers partner with Cloudify.Asia

Provide Cloud As Digitalization Platform Today

Your customers need to access to a consistent engagement of multi-cloud platforms so they can focus to transform their business. Transformation runway is short, and Board of Directors have been appointing CDOs (Chief Digital Officers) to overlook such investment.

Thus, you need to capture the market as fast as possible and use this opportunity alongside 5G growth to solidify your customer base. Focus on the business while we handle your cloud risks.

With Cloudify.Asia, you can:
  • Build large IaaS, PaaS and SaaS marketplace on the multi-cloud platform
  • Assist your customers to start their digital journey regardless their business size
  • Make your customers feel at ease as security, manageability and scalability has been taken care of

Applications for Communication Industry

Container as a Service

Enable agile software development.

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Data Protection as a Service

Protect data from ransomware.

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Multi-Cloud Management

Manage and bill your customers easily.

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