Cloud That Works | A Practical Sharing

Current situation changes the way we work. Digital transformation is now must for business sustainability and growth. These transformation requires to sit on scalable and flexible cloud platform but which one? In this interactive webinar, Dell Technologies and Cloudify.Asia, with partnership with Cyberview share the various cloud options you have for your organization. This is not a sales webinar as we dissect the myth of hyperscale cloud, hybrid cloud and the private cloud. It will be an open sharing of these cloud use cases in Malaysia, right down to industries, start-ups and even regulations

Cloud Digital Transformation

Cloudify.Asia has been together with Microsoft with the full Hybrid Cloud strategy, providing partner solutions for Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack HCI, and the upcoming Azure Stack “fiji”.

In this fast-moving world, today’s businesses are constantly in flux and arduous to keep up. As the data grows and traffic is increasing, businesses with traditional IT infrastructure need to invest a lot on the capital expenditures just to cater the needs and demands from their customers. ​

TechFINITY vs Covid-19


COVID-19 Pandemic is disrupting the way we do business and it doesn’t seem to improve soon. Even US Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden says, “Economic recovery from coronavirus is a long way away“.

Fear not, Cloudify.Asia has TechFINITY recovery plans to enable businesses to exactly align technology expenditure with business growth. Learn about it today.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack (MAS) needs no introduction in any organization that under-go Cloud Transformation journey today, MAS is the only platform that could provide true Public Cloud experience within the comfort of customer’s datacenter, with security & compliance in mind yet maintaining the DevOps and cloud innovation.   As the platform moving into Production, our customers always have questions around…

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?  Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform, that provides multiple range of cloud services, with enhanced analytics, storage computing and networking abilities. Application users able to derive services to scale new applications or upgrade existing application in public cloud. Microsoft Azure helps organization to classify business goals and challenges offering wide variety…

Cloud for Financial World

In this new digitalization era, the pace of digital adoption has becoming incredibly fast each day. Wikipedia describes Digital Transformation (DX) as not necessarily about digital technology, but about the fact that technology, which is digital, allows people to solve their traditional problems. And they prefer this digital solution to the old solution. The transformation…

Corent Tech and Cloudify.Asia sign a partnership to Accelerate Enterprise IT Migration to the Cloud in Southeast Asia

Press Release from GlobeNewswire Aliso Viejo, Calif. – December  11, 2018.  Cloudify.Asia, the first Cloud TechFin company in the South East Asia region that combines IT and Financial industries to provide true cloud opex model, has selected Corent Technology, a leader in cloud migration, modernization and SaaSification technologies, as its partner. By signing this agreement, Cloudify.Asia is empowered to…