Azure Stack HCI – General Availability Now

We, at Cloudify.Asia always proud to be pioneer for Hybrid Cloud solution, especially Microsoft Intelligent Edge Cloud. Started 5 years ago with Azure Stack Hub (formerly known as Azure Stack) at Seattle, we has embrace the new ‘Cloud’ transformation, strongly believe that Cloud is not a location, but something you can enjoy everywhere, and born…

Do We Need Disaster Recovery Plan?

Do our organization need disaster recovery plan? And why disaster recovery plan is so important? Often, I am being asked, “Why my company requires DRaaS (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service)?” too. These remind me of what my insurance agent shares with me “Whether you believe it or not, when something happens, insurance will be able to save your life”….


The days of the on-premises server are diminishing. A global pandemic has hit the global severely in recent months due to the global lockdown. The pandemic is not only a threat to mankind, but also to organizations of all sizes to sustain their business across industries. From local restaurant to multinational corporations, companies around the…

Debunking 5 myths of Cloud Computing

Ever heard of blowing on a game cartridge just to get it to work? What about wiping the back of your optical disc to make sure it boots up? Well, just like these aspects of technology, cloud computing is full of myths and misconceptions that tend to plague people’s trust towards it. Myths and misconceptions…

Migrating to Cloud with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

Companiess from various industries all over the world have started to move forward by adopting cloud computing. This is because they see an advantage in cloud since it includes cost reduction, flexibility, business continuity, data security, high availability and many other benefits have caught their attention and aroused their interest in migrating to cloud. To…

Bring Azure Services to your preferred choice of Datacentres

Bring Azure Services to your preferred choice of Datecentres   Let me start with how Microsoft brings the Cloud Services to you by focusing on Intelligent Cloud portfolio, from Public Cloud with Microsoft Azure, to newly announced Azure in Space (Azure Sphere), down to any location of your choice as Intelligent Edge. Intelligent Edge computing…

From Cloudy to Certainty

Cloud is everywhere. Before the lockdown, you would have seen cloud solution advertisements at airports, bridges, public transport and even on stairs. Now we are continuously bombarded by Facebook or even Linkedin’s cloud advertisement. But really, what is cloud? It is an overused word by all the companies due to the trendy nature and common…

The 5 Best Practices in Cloud Adoption Journey (for Industries)

The 5 Best Practices in Cloud Adoption Journey (for Industries) are as below:
1. Understand your motivation for cloud adoption. Why do you want to go for cloud?
2. Develop a strategy and a set of your expected business outcomes.
3. Discover the pattern and environment of your current applications and assets to help decide the right cloud solution to take on.
4. Build an MVC (Minimum Viable Cloud) to study the viability of cloud services before performing mass migration to the cloud.
5. Perform security and governance gap assessment to ensure efficient and effective security management and operations in the cloud environment.
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