We are cloud professionals that provide right cloud foundation and services for business growth.

Through managed cloud native platform, consultancy and subscription model


Cloudify.Asia to be a strategically aligned platform for the community in Asia that accentuate the partners’ unique core strength to strive in digital transformation era.


Cloudify.Asia empowers our partners to transform their business through simplified adoption in their multi-cloud journey.

TechFINITY Solution Benefits

No Depreciation Concerns

No Downpayment Nor High Capex

No Regular Service or Hidden Cost

Tax Savings And No Foreign Currency

hybrid cloud flexibility

Flexibility To Switch Model

no loan or leasing concerns

No Loan Nor Leasing Concerns

no lockdown by technology

Not Locked Down By Technology

No Cost Of Interest Rate

Meet The Team

Cloudify.Asia Team at LoudSpeaker Karaoke

Industry Leaders

Gavin Loh Cloudify.Asia

Gavin Loh
Chief Opportunity Creator

Lee Reng Kwan Cloudify.Asia

Lee Reng Kwan
Chief Transformation Officer

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