Dashboard: More Time for Business, Insights and Correlations

With a mass amount of new data being created every day, is your company actively mining as much valuable information as possible? These data are important to refine your company processes and campaigns, and to better identify your customers and their needs.

In this online session, the team will be sharing the current trend in large companies utilizing power BI and how it has helped decision makers to have better forecasting and visibility on their key performance indicators and having real time customer analytics.

We will be sharing / doing:

  • Current trend in large companies
  • What is Power BI?
  • The difference between Power BI & MS Excel
  • What impact can it bring for decision makers
  • Q&A Session

Date & Time

25th August 2022 (Thursday) 4pm-5pm MYT (GMT +8)


Terence Tan
Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst, DATA&

Helps organizations to have real-time insights and on-the-fly analytics on their businesses by building Management Dashboards.

Gavin Loh
Chief Opportunity Creator, Cloudify.Asia

Well-known as the first global leader that put Malaysia in the limelight by deploying world’s first Microsoft Hybrid Cloud in Malaysia.


Joshanna Tan
Branding & Acquisition Designer, Cloudify.Asia

Provides organizations the right cloud foundation and services through understanding their business model.

For more information, please contact: Jenn Wern | [email protected]