The past year, while heart-breaking in many ways, was a catalyst and the beginning of an era of rapid changes. We are going through greatest structural transformation in our economy. And we know cloud native foundation will be the key to resilience and transformation. According to the IDC, Southeast Asia’s cloud computing market is expected to reach US$40.32 billion by 2025. It is expected that Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to grow by 38.5%, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to grow by 26% annually. When we dive into this region, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud are committed to invest additional USD 1 Billion in Malaysia. Meanwhile in Jakarta, Google (Google Cloud Platform), Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) have also built their hyperscale cloud there. Thus, businesses in the region will be able to opt for larger choices of cloud computing for their cloud native applications. 

Increase Revenue through Multi-Cloud

If you are a system integrator (SI), cloud provider, telco enterprise or cloud reseller, how can you capitalize on this market growth and opportunities? How can your organization increase sales revenue through this multi-cloud’s reality? Cloudify.Asia is giving out an exclusive Research Paper by IDC 2021: What Are the Opportunities for Service Providers in Multi-Cloud Management. Please fill in the survey here.

What you can do to increase Business Revenue through Multi-Cloud

Maintain and enhance your branding through this golden opportunity

Instead of providing a bunch of information technology (IT)’s jargon, let’s look into a Business to Consumer (B2C)’s space. Due to the global change, the eCommerce has been experiencing a huge growth. Centralized shopping platform such as Shopee and Lazada has become an easier way to list the products to be search by millions of consumers. However, many of these merchants will put in extra efforts to divert their customers to their own website or platform. This is to create brand loyalty and to improve customers’ experience, instead of indulging in price wars in centralized eCommerce platforms. 

Thus, if we look back into public cloud scenario, customers now have the option to purchase directly, and also the option to switch their vendors, without even interrupting their business. Therefore, leveraging solutions such as Cloud Management Portal, that has own branding and services, will improve the stickiness to your organization. Redirecting the traffic, request and management to your own branding will increase the loyalty and stickiness. Reach out to us at Cloudify.Asia for such solution.

Increase Revenue Through Multi-Cloud

Provide cloud native consultancy and services

There are thousands of cloud native services in hyperscale cloud platforms. These mean that your organization can assist your customers to better adopt to these services. For example, instead of running database in a virtual machine, your customers can now use Database as a Service in Azure, AWS, Alibaba and etc. Many of these customers are that from start-ups, developers, or those migrating their databases from on premise to cloud. Furthermore, new type of databases such as NoSQL, is on high demand. Cosmo DB, DynamoDB and Tablestore, are just some of the NoSQL databases that are getting popular. If your organization provides single cloud management portal for subscribing and management, your customers can easily access to the marketplace where you have provided such services.

Provide developer assistance

Cloud native environment opens a lot of automation and tools for developers. They are spoiled with choices. Aside huge marketplace for tools such as NodeJS, Terraform, Apache Kafka, TensorFlow and Gitlab, Microsoft also provide Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) for those who are adopting containerization. Thus, if your team can consult and guide them to consume and adopt such tools, definitely these will be a great cross-sell on top of the cloud subscription. Digital transformation relies on cloud native foundation to scale. Thus, many companies will start improving and migrating from traditional Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for these purposes.

Provide hybrid cloud as option

Multi-cloud strategies provide an option for organization to have cloud processing close to their data lake. This will resolve the latency, compliancy, regulation, and data sovereignty requirements. There are various hybrid cloud technologies today, such as Azure Stack HCIAlibaba Zstack, and VMware. Thus, as a multi-cloud partner, you should now be able to provide Hybrid-Cloud-as-a-Service in customers’ premise. This will enable additional workloads to be migrated to cloud native platform. Reach out to us today to find out more.

Provide Security-as-a-Service

Through the availability of multi-cloud, Security-as-a-Service can be productized easily. Multiple cloud security services, such as Azure Security Center, Azure Firewall, Azure DDoS protection and Azure Sentinel from Microsoft, can be applied across various cloud platforms. This will reduce security cost tremendously, while ensure businesses are being protected.

Thanks for reading this article. Cloudify.Asia consists of cloud professionals that want to drive your business revenue through the right cloud native foundation. We are keen to learn about your business and to provide ideas so we can grow together. We may not be familiar with your industry, but we are experts in cloud to be able to provide you the right tools, to actualize your next digitalization transformation innovations. 

Written by Gavin Loh (Chief Opportunity Creator)