Ever wonder what else can Cloud Computing bring us in the next few years? With Public Cloud at peak maturity today, and consumers are getting used to the cloud-pace features rolling out to enhance daily IT scenarios, what else could we need more?

On the flip side of benefits that we are getting today from Cloud Computing, Public Cloud is essentially making IT Operation vulnerable with peak centralized computing! Essentially, Public Clouds centralize IT operations at nearest datacenters placed around the globe, with all major hyperscale datacenters combined, we are looking at a handful of locations for our data placement.

Hybrid Cloud | Enabler of the new era

We, Cloudify.Asia, always try the best in staying ahead and pushing the boundary of Cloud Computing. Hybrid Cloud has been our vision since the inception of Cloudify.Asia. From our perspective, Hybrid Cloud is the core enabler for the next era of computing, powered by a few needs:  

  • Ubiquitous and decentralized computing 
  • Data sovereignty and ambient intelligence 
  • Empower personalized experience with distributed compute 

With that in mind, we expect the real-world needs are changing cloud consumption from centralized locations to distributed ones. And some challenges that we must address collectively from computing architecture, developers’ code reusability, and deploy anywhere.

Manage Hybrid Cloud as one solution with Azure Arc

Azure Arc is here to provide IT operations some of these capabilities and control. At the same time, it enables developers to bring their cloud-native codes to literally anywhere that runs ARC, including AWS, Google Cloud, Local Datacenter, On-premises and even Edge location.

Azure Arc for Hybrid Cloud Solutions Architects

Azure Arc | Build apps and manage servers anywhere on your terms

Let’s talk about some of the core capabilities that are available today:  

  1. True Any Cloud Management – Azure Arc is able to consolidate any Windows / Linux server from any cloud, any location, right up in Azure Portal for centralize management.  
  1. Access & Security – With the management plane in Cloud, resources can be role-access controlled centrally, and security policies can be deployed to audit and remediate configuration drift towards Organization’s needs.
  1. Cloud Native PaaS on Your Terms – Azure Arc enables any CNCF-compliance Kubernetes cluster to run cloud native services, including Azure App Service, Serverless functions, Logic Apps, Event Grid, API Management, and more to come!
  1. Truly Managed PaaS – Azure Arc is also able to provide cloud-managed PaaS solutions, including SQL-as-a-Service, PostgreSQL Hyperscale-as-a-Service.
  1. Centralized Management – Automate repetitive managements with Update Management, Logs Analytics, Defender Security, Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning and so-forth. Automanage even creates a baseline of configurations, automates and deploys the configuration automatically to Arc-enabled machines.

In short, we believe that Azure ARC is a powerful tool that brings more ubiquitous computing to our customers in needs with better control, better security, and optimized operation in mind.

Written by RK | Cloud Transformation Officer

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