Cloudify.Asia brings to you Azure hybrid cloud platform to deliver IaaS and PaaS with consistent Azure experience, on both on-premises and public cloud. As one of the pioneers of hybrid cloud, we provide a combination of hyper-converged infrastructure, software, innovation, and services, for every step of your cloud journey. 

Innovative applications are the new face of business. Despite rising and continuously changing expectations, your customers expect the applications will always be available, with real-time updates and intelligent interactions. These expectations mean that applications need to cater for better customers’ user experience.

Power of Azure on Hybrid Cloud
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We believe that hybrid cloud adoption will achieve IT and digital transformation in more agile manner. Partnering with latest Microsoft Azure Stack series, Cloudify.Asia takes you to the simplest and fastest path to: 

  • Modernize your business with automated IT service delivery for all apps
  • Innovate with cloud-native apps to digitally transform your business
  • Accelerate Microsoft Azure Stack adoption with confidence.

Going Hybrid with Azure Stack

Traditional developers and IT operation teams are faced with a massive amount of complexity needed to build, configure, maintain and scale applications. Developers can build an innovative application in weeks, but spend months waiting for IT operations to provision the infrastructure and middleware stack. These traditional processes are complex, manual, error prone, and slow down application development and deployment processes.  

With Azure Stack, you can bring the power of Azure into your data center, behind your firewall – engineered, tested, delivered, serviced and supported by Cloudify.Asia. 

Flexible consumption model from Cloudify.Asia offers Azure cloud and Azure Stack a pay-as-you-go (PAYU) option.

Increase innovation velocity

Azure Stack helps developers increase innovation velocity by accelerating application delivery processes. It streamlines application development through self-service environments. As a result, you can deploy new apps or run updates in radically less time than before – days/weeks vs months/years. 

You can automate and simplify business users’ and app developers’ access to IT services. With on-demand self-service features, you empower the team to deliver applications and services. The team is supported by the pooled resources necessary to accomplish your desired business outcomes and service level objectives. 

Azure Stack empowers Cloud Administrators to maintain control and compliance on their terms. Brokering and balancing enterprise infrastructure and IT services with confidence to both Azure (public cloud) and Azure Stack (on-premises).  

  • IT admins can define on-premises access to Azure public cloud and Azure Stack service, make them available via service catalog.
  • VM(virtual machine) encryption and granular security controls – by identifying which ports are accessible by which applications. 
  • Role-based access controls allows IT to assign permissions on a group/role level.
  • Workload deployment across multiple regions within the same rack. An example would be deploying SQL Server across multiple regions in the same rack using SQL Server Availability Groups.
  • Backup and restore servicescan depend on Azure public cloud as secondary storage location

Consistent application development experience

With Azure Stack, you have one hybrid cloud for delivering an automated, consistent experience across your Azure environment. This is because Azure Stack was built specifically for the cloud. The apps, services and tools are consistent with those available in Azure public cloud. 

There is no need to learn new tools to support IaaS and PaaS implementations. The same applies to administrate, automate and orchestrate lifecycle maintenance and operations tasks.  

The power of Azure allows developers to write their applications once and deploy them anywhere in Azure or Azure Stack. Both have identical application model with consistent APIs. 

Developers are empowered to innovate with a simplified toolkit, that is always available. Developers can use Microsoft or third-party development tools and services they are already familiar with. Examples of these tools are Visual Studio, .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, PowerShell and more.

Azure Stack in a nutshell:

Azure Stack can help to increase your innovation velocity. Write applications once, and deploy them anywhere in Azure, empowering your developers to focus on delivering applications to market faster.

Azure Stack HCI value add

Infrastructure lifecycle management and automated upgrades for the entire HCI reduce operational risk. Microsoft’s value add is delivered on top of the HCI, through Azure Stack which provides a user portal for cloud services. It also includes built-in Microsoft developer tools and frameworks with access to third-party developer tools as well.

Learn more about Azure Stack HCI

Adopt Hybrid Cloud now

Cloudify.Asia is a leader in hybrid cloud platforms and has been successfully helping our partners accelerate their digital journey. We deliver a complete turnkey experience, with a roadmap for enhancements, along with deployment and consulting services for every step of your cloud journey. We make the complex, simple with fully engineered, trusted hybrid cloud platform on Microsoft Azure Stack.

Adopt a hybrid cloud model with confidence. It is engineered for speed and simplicity. Get in touch with us now to start your hybrid cloud journey. We focus on cloud foundation while you can better focus on your business growth!

Written by Jenn | Cloud Surfer