Winning The Fourth Industrial Revolution
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It is without doubt that businesses and enterprises need to transform and digitize. To be victorious in the digital economy, cloud migration is inevitable.

Cloud Computing is not just a Production Tool

Cloud is more than just a tool to improve production efficiency and to reduce production costs. Since the generation of cloud 2.0, the cloud is about digital transformation itself. Simple examples of digital transformation can be seen in various industries. For manufacturing industries, engineering simulations and computer aided design (CAD) surpasses costly cycles of building, testing and fixing physical models. Big data outperform structure data in businesses. Even in life sciences, health management beats health care, using big data analysis in bioinformatics to provide holistic decision making for wellness guides.

Cloud Migration – There is no going back

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) is being accelerated by digitally enabled productivity gains, such as those by cloud implementations. The great acceleration in the use of cloud and digitization is going to be sustained. Cloud is here to stay and will continue to unfold its potentials. 

COVID-19, the global crisis of our time, has also played a huge part helping businesses to step up and evolve. The pandemic has created an urgency for businesses to reconstruct their operations. While the situation might have looked bleak, the crisis gave the world a shinning opportunity for transformation. Thanks to this transformation, greater productivity will follow, with or without COVID-19.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

– Plato

Urgency from the global health crisis has created great momentum for all of us. Humans are compelled to improvise, adapt and overcome. New regulations or tactics were deployed to contain the spread of the virus. Vaccines were successfully produced in the matter of months, where they could have taken years without the urgency. If these acts are applied to businesses, just imagine the speed of development and transformation!

Cloud Migration Is Inevitable, improvise adapt overcome

Many businesses reported that their development and transformation progression was 20-25 times faster than anticipated. Cloud migration is the key to these digital transformations. With a combination of cloud and urgency, things like increasing advanced technologies usages, improving data security, and building supply-chain redundancies, had resulted in transformation speed that they thought were impossible. This is one of the key reasons why to cloud migration is inevitable.

Alright, Cloud Migration is Inevitable… But wait!

Okay, maybe I will rephrase the sentence above: Stop waiting, but do not jump right in for cloud migration just yet! Cloud does not only help you to save cost, but it unleashes the superpower for your business to innovate and accelerate transformation. It is always good to reimagine the future but getting started is always challenging. 

Cloud migration needs to be organized and systematic. The biggest risk during cloud migration process is when users are unclear about their system’s security vulnerabilities. Another risk is when users do not know what security measures to be taken in the cloud computing environment. Also, users must have data protection and recovery plan before the migration to ensure business continuity. 

Fret not! Let our cloud professionals consult and empower you and your business in your cloud journey. Contact us for the right cloud foundation and services for your business transformation!

Written by Jenn Wern | Cloud Surfer