Adapting to the pandemic

Have you been thinking of how to adapt to the second year of movement control order in 2021?  

As a growing start-up company who managed our team and ourselves during the third pandemic wave, here are some tips we love to share with you:

Always Be Yourself

Since 2020 of March, we have begun adopting new normals, switching from traditional meetings to hybrid appointments as our daily activity. No more lunch gatherings or ‘Pisang Goreng time’. We started to spend more time at home and with our family. Bit by bit, some began to feel the effects of burnouts and struggled to balance work and personal time. Back-to-back online conferences and non-stop text messaging can be exhausting. 

Here are the things you can do to understand yourself better: Reflecting deeply on your daily activities (What demotivates you? What is the help you wish to receive? What makes you grateful? Etc.) These will help you to realise the things you are grateful of, and the things that are holding you back. Also, do keep in touch with your team. They miss you too. 

Tackle the Issue, Not the Person

Since working from home, juggling with home responsibilities and work deadlines are two different problems which happen in the same place. For some it might not be a big issue, but not everyone has the same situation. Some have to work and take care of their kids. Some require a quiet and proper environment to work. 

The responsibilities as a staff member and a family member are not easy to tackle. For example, you are frustrated with your partner about something at home, and at the same time you have to deal with a complicated work task. It is important to tackle the issue, not the person. We are always tempted to place a responsibility or issue onto a person because it seems to be the easiest way at that moment, but doing so could only iron out the problem for a while, and it could even lead to increased tension and disrupting relationships. There was a concerning increase of divorce rates and domestic violence during the pandemic because of this. 

Instead, get to know the root cause of the issue and solve it at a mutual level without the tendency to put the blame on to someone. Do mind our words so that we do not demoralize others just because we have a problem at home or at work.

Be Grateful

The pandemic has caused so many restrictions and has added many challenges to ones’ daily life. Do be grateful for what we have, however, as in the same time it has given us the opportunity to grow and to prove that we can handle the challenges presented to us. 

We also need to be thankful of the people around us, be it our colleagues, families or friends. Unconsciously, they have become the energizer for us to strive and to be progressive. At the end of the day, the appreciations can be felt from them and also deep from ourselves, for doing a great job on managing the day. Be grateful of the things that happen in your day, because you have done the best you can. Do appreciate your very self for any accomplishment, treat yourself or anyone around you, perhaps with an ice cream or even just a short relaxing break. Remind yourself and people around you to stay positive by being grateful, and it will simplify your day.

Written by Nassha (Happiness Resource Provider)