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Stop worrying about your IT infrastructure. Use your time to focus on your business growth and employee welfare. Sit back and relax, let us handle the nitty-gritty for you. We will manage your cloud migration, risk, and security. We will handle the cloud complexity and optimize your costs. What you wish to do with the big bucks that you save from eliminating the old IT infrastructure is totally up to you! Perhaps you could redesign your old server room into a recreation room, game room, sleeping room or even a massage room for your team, just like the one in the Google or Apple Office. Let us drive deeper into the key reasons your business should migrate to the cloud.

Key Reasons for Cloud Migration

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1) Swifter Deployment Times

Migrating to the cloud allows you to deploy your apps and services in a speedier manner compared to traditional infrastructure. As cloud service providers are able to provision servers and resources with just a couple of steps, it is a much-simplified process compared to purchasing physical servers, installing hardware, and setting up software, operating system and network.

2) Data Center Consolidation

With a comprehensive data center consolidation strategy, it consolidates multiple physical data center locations, reduce operational expenses via lower energy consumption, fewer leases, and lower maintenance costs. With that, organizations can spend less time managing data centers and to devote their time to run their businesses.

Benefits of Data Center Consolidation:

  • Reduce operational costs on leases and maintenance. 
  • Reduce software licensing costs. 
  • Reduce procurement costs on servers, storage, and networking equipment. 
  • Reduce carbon footprint. 

3) Built-in Status Monitoring

As opposed to hiring a dedicated crew to keep track on the status of your transaction logs and services manually, cloud services will be able to save your organization a lot of time and money by providing platform and system monitoring to notify you whenever your app or machine has potential issues or is experiencing an outage.

4) Single Pane of Glass

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Single multi-cloud management enables your team to better manage various cloud expenses, provisioning, and multi-tenancy chargeback in a single dashboard. Thus, workload deployment, mobility, cloud expenses and monitoring can be taken care of in a single pane and location instead of going through numerous different services that do not have a common interface for the user to operate.

5) Better Cost Management

Apart from the reasons we mentioned earlier on the lower capital and operating expenditure that cloud brings to an organization, cloud services allow organizations the flexibility in provisioning more services when needed, whilst turning them off when they are not needed via autoscaling. With this highly elastic approach, it helps organizations to further reduce the IT consumption cost, as they will only be charged for the time those additional systems had consumed. This way, your services will automatically respond to your traffic demands and number of resources required, preventing unnecessary expenses when the demand is not there.

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Written by Yen Chen (Customer Success Analyst)