We, at Cloudify.Asia always proud to be pioneer for Hybrid Cloud solution, especially Microsoft Intelligent Edge Cloud. Started 5 years ago with Azure Stack Hub (formerly known as Azure Stack) at Seattle, we has embrace the new ‘Cloud’ transformation, strongly believe that Cloud is not a location, but something you can enjoy everywhere, and born our TECHFinity product line.

Back to today, Microsoft had made another big announcement for Hybrid Cloud Intelligent Edge portfolio, with the General Availability (GA) of Microsoft Azure Stack HCI!

Suddenly, Microsoft brings general public attention to on-premises Hyper-V, yet Azure Stack HCI is not just virtualization platform, but delivered as Azure Services. You will get constant security updates and new features, automated patching, easily connected to Cloud to harness the power of Azure.

Licensing wise, USD 10 / month per physical core gives you the flexibility of scale up whenever you needed more processing power, yet the stability of how IT Admin would prefer.

You may be wondering, wouldn’t that be expensive for a server with large core counts as industry is moving towards high performance CPU? Let us show you a comparison of Azure Stack HCI Licensing below, which is 77% lower cost compared to competitor HCI licensing for 48-cores server.

Moving on, with Azure Stack HCI as an Azure service, product team can develop features at Cloud-Pace, with no time you will see great features coming to your modern infrastructure. Just to give a sneak peek, there 4 features that was directly plugged from Azure in the link below:

  • Kernel Soft Reboot (KSR) – reduce server reboots to just seconds
  • Arc Enabled management – centralize HCI management from Cloud and bring the power of Azure security / policy enforcement
  • Intent-based networking – consistent deployment of networking from day 1 and maintained throughout the lifecycle, even during adding nodes
  • GPU Management – enablement of VDI, accelerated workload like Edge Machine-learning

Starting a new era for Azure Stack HCI and a sneak peek at what’s next – Microsoft Tech Community


Lastly, we cant stop this topic without talking about Hardware, aren’t we? Microsoft partnered with major hardware vendor  for more than 200 validated solutions, any form factor that you may want. But Lenovo comes out something cool, how about 2-nodes Azure Stack HCI on your desk?  Or binging it with you to the fields for some serious processing power? We got you covered.



Written By Reng Kwan (Cloud Transformation Officer)