Journey In Cloud Computing

The unexpected happens. I was fired during the pandemic period and I did not really know what my future holds. Three months later I am happy to report that it was one of those saying where everything happens for a reason. After a short period of disconnecting and finding myself, I am reconnecting to the professional world. I have accepted an offer with Cloudify.Asia as Cloud Commercial Designer (nice, right?) that provide the right cloud foundation and services to the organizations for their business growth.
As I start my job in the company, so many things have changed around me. Working in office seems more challenging. Stepping foot into the new office requires us to take multiple precautions measures, which feels like a long checklist to cross with multiple layers of temperature screening, checking in on MySejahtera apps and sanitize my hands again and again like a germophobic.
In this Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), face to face meetings and non-essential activities are being cancelled or postponed. Most of my work-related meetings are all done via Team or Zoom calls. It has become obvious that normality is far from reach.
Remember when I said everything happens for a reason. Well, this transition to remote work on such a massive scale have been a tough test for businesses. Yet, I was given the unique opportunity being hired by a cloud service provider company to help businesses during this pandemic. Many big companies, SMEs, government agencies, and other businesses are choosing the lane of cloud computing technology.
Cloud computing, known for its efficiency, scalability, and security is vital for these companies to maintain operations, and for them to be able to continue to service their customers. Without today’s acceptance of cloud computing, remote system access, and video conferencing capabilities will be out of reach. Most of us probably will not even be able to work from home. To put it simply, without the access to work remotely, the economy would come to a complete stop. Producing an unsettling event of economic depression in the years to come.
Going forward, we will all in time come out from this period of remote working, but the way we do business will continue be revolutionize.
Written by Joshanna Tan (Cloud Commercial Designer)