Cloud Digital Transformation

Cloudify.Asia has been together with Microsoft with the full Hybrid Cloud strategy, providing partner solutions for Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack HCI, and the upcoming Azure Stack “fiji”.
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Why Wait?

In this fast-moving world, today’s businesses are constantly in flux and arduous to keep up. As the data grows and traffic is increasing, businesses with traditional IT infrastructure need to invest a lot on the capital expenditures just to cater the needs and demands from their customers. ​
Fret not, with cloud computing and its pay-as-you-go model, no one should be worry on maintaining and upgrading all the physical servers anymore. Simply because everything is now on cloud! ​

However, for enterprises whose already have a huge data center and a hundred racks of servers, they can always look up for a hybrid solution where they can have both the on-premises infrastructure and cloud working together. ​

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