Microsoft Azure Stack (MAS) needs no introduction in any organization that under-go Cloud Transformation journey today, MAS is the only platform that could provide true Public Cloud experience within the comfort of customer’s datacenter, with security & compliance in mind yet maintaining the DevOps and cloud innovation.  

As the platform moving into Production, our customers always have questions around the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), on how to protect mission-critical workload from any unforeseeable downtime, and what is the strategy to confidence SLA. 

Cloudify.Asia has extensive experience in protecting the customer workloads, from traditional backup approach, to application High Availability across regions.  

Needless to say, Microsoft Azure Stack is an integrated system that works like an appliance, general user do not worry about High-Availability (HA) within single region. MAS is built with Cloud-Like uptime in mind to deliver the highest possible SLA to users. That said, the in-built HA is given, including redundant hardware, reserved capacity, management pane monitoring and healing. When comes to protecting Tenant workloads, this is where IT pro comes to shine and stretch their muscle.  

The most common scenario that is comfortable for infrastructure admin, would be performing periodic backups from the Azure Stack. We have solution to cater for agentless backup, that is performing Blob Storage snapshot and exporting delta changes natively with Azure Stack. Other backup solution would require agent installation on the workload itself, and complex network integration with backup appliance.  

The question always evolve into Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario, where Cloudify.Asia solution shine and able to perform data replication to secondary site, covering traditional virtualization platform, or secondary Azure Stack region restore. Our solution enable Virtual Standby cold-vm in secondary Azure Stack where minimal cost only for storage consumption, yet providing the protection required for mission critical workload. 

Cloudify.Asia also have the extensive solution in Application High-Availability with our partner, integration with market backup solution, workload assessment, workload migration, PaaS-ify your workload and more.  

I hope this gives an overview on Microsoft Azure Stack BCDR strategy. Talk to us today for more information for your Azure Stack journey!