What is Microsoft Azure? 

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform, that provides multiple range of cloud services, with enhanced analytics, storage computing and networking abilities. Application users able to derive services to scale new applications or upgrade existing application in public cloud. Microsoft Azure helps organization to classify business goals and challenges offering wide variety of cloud services to build, manage and deploy applications on global network. Hence, Microsoft Azure can be classified as top notch framework for both Platform as Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as Service (IaaS).

Important Product and Services for Azure

Microsoft categorizes Azure cloud services into certain type:

Computing – Users able to curate and deploy virtual machines (VMs), and batch processing with enhanced remote application support. 

Web – Web services came in handy with web application development and deployment. These service offers multiple functions and services for content search, delivery and programming interface, management and reporting.

Data storage – This category of services provide scalable cloud storage for structured and unstructured data and also supports big data projects, persistent storage and archival storage. 

Analytics – These services provide distributed analytics and storage, as well as features for real-time analytics, big data analytics, data lakes, machine learning, business intelligence (BI), internet of things (IoT) data streams and data warehousing. 

Networking – This group includes virtual networks, dedicated connections and gateways, as well as services for traffic management and diagnostics, load balancing, domain name system (DNS) hosting, and network protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. 

Hybrid integration – These are services for server backup, site recovery and connecting private and public clouds. 

Internet of things – These services help users capture, monitor and analyze IoT data from sensors and other devices. Services include notifications, analytics, monitoring and support for coding and execution. 

Security – These products provide capabilities to identify and respond to cloud security threats, as well as manage encryption keys and other sensitive assets. 

Migration – This suite of tools helps an organization estimate workload migration costs, and perform the actual migration of workloads from local data centers to the Azure cloud. 

Management – These services provide a range of backup, recovery, automation, scheduling and monitoring tools that can help a cloud administrator manage an Azure deployment. 

Pricing and Cost

Azure emphasis on pay as you go pricing model that charges based on usage. Azure pricing may include charges for single application with multiple Azure services. This may vary to multiple pricing tiers as well. User may apply for long term commitment to certain service and contractual basis for compute instances. Organization should start considering minimizing their cloud usage costings to manage Azure resource usages and associated costs. Microsoft Azure provides the best value at every stage of your cloud journey.

The Benefits of Azure

Microsoft Azure offers instant computing resources provision to on demand abilities. Azure is compatible with task planing and save extensive costing on hardware upgrades, maintenance costs, server cooling requirements and additional electric costs, particularly for organizations with associated real estate costs. Microsoft Azure can be build anywhere and remotely. The benefits of Azure extend beyond cost control, however. The task of administering certain technologies such as Windows Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint can be greatly eased with the combination of Azure and Office 365

Why Azure is the right choice

Given to factor, Microsoft Azure is way productive and efficient in all calculative measure to manage and administer cloud usage and services. Helps organization to reduce marketing cycles and deliver faster features with extended variety of end – to – services. Microsoft Azure is widely recognized as most intelligent tool to organize powerful data and artificial intelligence services.  Microsoft Azure can able to develop and deploy at your own terms, with only consistent hybrid cloud on the market. Microsoft Azure is one of the most trusted cloud platform utilized by variety of organizations and startups who run on Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.