Growth Mindset to Improve Success Rate

Today would be my less technical blog series, if not non-technical, and this would be my first as well.

We recently had a chance to connect with Regional opportunity at Jakarta, Indonesia, which has the leading amounts of Microsoft Azure Stack deployment in a country. Indonesia have at least 7 deployments, to my knowledge extent, which far exceed any country in Southeast Asia, and probably APAC even. What make the deployment such a huge success you may ask, I would it’s the Growth Mindset.

We have the chance of meeting C-level and decision maker for each business unit who responsible for Microsoft Azure Stack deployment, and we are thrilled and humbly understanding their business model, uniquely different from each other.

The team is passionate about the technology, deeply understand the limitations of Wave 1 ‘crawl’ mode of Azure Stack being the first deployment, quickly switched gear into building unique solutions on Azure Stack cloud platform, and finally, eager to connect with Cloudify.Asia to supercharge their deployment with our Bridging Cloud Tools (BCT).

Our showcase of Bridging Cloud Tools has been exciting, as we showed our partners how Azure Stack can be a complete solution, integrated billings, multi-cloud driven provisioning & management, to Service Management oriented software for Large Enterprises requirement. Find out more about our BCT here:

The core culture of our partner, having a growth mindset compared to fixed mindset is what change the Cloud business in Indonesia. Giving an example on how product limitations of Microsoft Azure Stack can be faced, fixed mindset will emphasis limited capabilities of Azure Stack has today, while growth mindset see the vision and cadence Azure Stack bringing values to business that none of the other platform gives. Another example, fixed mindset would prefer to sell traditional virtualization platform for a proven solution, while growth mindset is selling the multi-cloud approach embracing change and empower customer’s choice.

Lastly, I would like to end this series with incredible update from Microsoft, 2 out of the announced ISV ecosystem for Azure Stack, is sole distributed by Cloudify.Asia in SEA, providing local support and value to our partners.