The Culture and Values that Define Us

“After all, our products may come and go, but our values are timeless” Satya , CEO of Microsoft.

In a fast-moving world today, each of us have tonnes of work to be completed each day. The world has moved so fast that our emails seem to be slow and our customers expect instant reply from us. This is due to consumerization effect a decade ago and the use of mobile messaging applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat have become integrated in our life.

Therefore, everyone will be tempted to take shortcuts to complete our tasks or assignments. ‘By hook or by crook’ may soon be common way in this society.

At Cloudify.Asia, we start our vision by working closely with our partner ecosystem. Thus, trust has become very important value in everything we do. By implementing culture based on “T.R.I.B.E.”, we seek to stay on our core values by doing “T.R.I.B.E.” ways.

Cloudify.Asia Culture

T ransparency

R eal

I  nitiative

B e Fun

E mpowerment

In our daily communication, either external or internal, transparency is a key culture that build trust with each other. We encourage our team members to be transparent to our customers, partners and colleagues. By doing so, we enable faster communication, clear messaging and avoid any misunderstanding. This also amplifies our zero-tolerance policy about office politics.

Be real, be yourself. There is no need to wear different masks at office, customers’ premise nor at home. We realize diversity is important in reaching out in this multi-culture Asia society. Thus, at Cloudify.Asia, our Human Resources policies enable equal opportunity employment and is committed to excellence through diversity.

We also encourage every team members to take initiative in everything that they do. Everyone plays a different role in their daily work and taking interest in innovation will catapult us further as leader in this space. During work hours, we remind everyone to spend close to 20% of their time to learn new things and share with the rest. Being a leader means we have a responsibility to grow ourselves to enable the rest.

Of course, we got to have fun in things we do. We spend more than two thirds of our life at workplace and we do not want to be the dull Jack. For example, during our weekly sales meeting, we will start off with ice-breaking activities. We also attempt to do activities that defies the odds such as climb wall and flying without wings.

Lastly, empowerment is where we believe in each other’s work and certain decision-making ability is given for more effective work. At Cloudify.Asia, we dare each other to try and step out of our comfort zone. Making mistakes is part of the journey to grow but staying right where you started is a grave mistake. Go and try, we believe in you.

Thus, during your career at Cloudify.Asia, we create a platform for high growth, both in and out of the company. People is the most important resources in any company, not the intellectual property nor the product. With these, we strive to transform from cloudy to certainty for our channel ecosystem.