Here at Cloudify.Asia, we are always eager to find the next wave of technology that catapult us to the forefront, aside helping partners  with their transformation journey.

Azure Stack has naturally became the most obvious choice for Cloud Transformation. Azure Stack is in a unique position and being a solution of its own class, able to deliver public cloud consistent technology even in a Private Cloud Data center.

However, technical folks often ask me about couple of their concerns. Firstly, Azure Stack deliver only in integrated system platform but not available for SIs for DIY deployment. My take is that no one wants a Cloud that is untested and non-proven. Everyone wants a Cloud platform that is constantly available with dependable SLAs. And with Microsoft track record of patching, only Integrated Systems are able to provide that level of guarantee and fast pace features update. 

Secondly, Azure Stack being the first version of roll out, Microsoft has been doing a fantastic job in getting the system from crawling, walking to running mode today. With the recently expanded Azure Stack road map, Managed Disks, Azure Backup, Site Recovery and most importantly AKS (Azure Container Service) is already in development . Azure Stack services that are being consistent with Public Azure will only enable more innovation and faster dev-ops in your organization. On top of that, Microsoft has just announced that Azure Stack will be integrated to Azure Government! This proves technology like Azure Stafully committed and secured even for classified workload.

Of course, every technology has its shortfall, and Azure Stack is no exception. Being a smaller scale of Public Azure, Azure Stack does not get to enjoy the Economy of scale as compared to real Public Cloud with thousands of servers per pod. Although Azure Stack software has become a consumption model, being delivered by Microsoft under CSP licensing model, hardware vendor having difficulties to match the software licensing model. This is where Cloudify.Asia steps in and provides users with a truly end to end Cloud Subscription model for Azure Stack!

So, what does this mean to you? We at Cloudify.Asia would like to take the complexity and risk out of your business while providing a proven platform to you. So that you can focus to help your customer to  realize their business outcome while provide competitive edge.

No, that’s not all that we will bring to you.With fast pace of technology development, Cloudify.Asia will continue to test, research, integrate and innovate new solutions and technologies.Therefore, do subscribe and follow us at LinkedIn and Facebook!