On 11th November 2017, Alibaba group posted record sales of 168.2 billions Yuan for its Single’s Day shopping bonaza. This is equivalent to USD 25 billions revenue in a single day. This is the outcome of the new Digital era and a shift in thinking and buying behaviour. Interestingly, 90% of these transactions are done via mobile.

Let’s see what they have done and how can we in IT industry learn from this. Firstly, Alibaba and brand partners also helped drive online traffic to brick-and-mortar stores via pop-up smart stores and in-store technology, further erasing the boundaries between the two. We call this hybrid mode. In IT Infrastructure technologies today, we have seen more and more customers asking for seamless hybrid infrastructure for their company. While public clouds are good and drive new set of cloud native applications, most customers still prefer to run some of more sensitive application on premise. Therefore, customers are asking us how to we as IT Experts help them to reach to such seamless state.


This shopping bonanza also includes more brand collaborators from food all the way to electronic segment. Augmented-reality game was also introduced to make the whole things more fun. In our view, this means we need to work as a community and a group. This include collaboration between System Integrators and Cloud Providers. Both sets of companies’ backgrounds possessed different skillset and experience to assist customers to adopt to the new digital era. On top of such efforts, also allows better customer experience through combines managed services and offering such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

This year’s 11.11 theme, “retail as entertainment” also bring new perspectives and possibilities. No one would image Oreo comes out with Oreo Music Box 2.0, a cardboard-box record player. In this third point, we believe innovation and thinking outside the box (while being in the box) is a key to success. Nothing is impossible if business owners like you willing to take a step in the transformation. Leverage your team’s existing strength and put a twist to it with customers in mind. Challenge your limit and mentality.

Cloudify.Asia sets to bring forth the power in you. We emphasize in your key strength and combine it with possible elements as stated to transition your business from ‘reseller’ to ‘innovator’ especially regards to cloud transformation. Contact us today.